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CD lamp
i made 2 CD lamps for my 2 big children last year..2 CD lamps are so pretty, bright, and light weight
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2 LED color lights ILY green hand and red heart
i did myself homemade 2 different LED color lights for a deaf person use a hand sign language as ILY is a I Love You.. LED green lights are a ILY hand.. LED red lights are a red heart
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GREAT traxxas stampede towing truck
it is so coool a traxxas stampede towing truck with a rustler on the stampede flattop towing truck while R/C playing on the street
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Tamiya; super XR311 at rose bowl park
i did homemade a chassic was a little longer inch than normal tamiya cheetah / XR311, 4 tamiya hummer tires, and 4 oilless shocks
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my long wooden scooter
i made a long wooden scooter..it was a very comfortable ride
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GREAT running traxxas 2X4X4
my traxxas stampede 2X4X4 was so good running on the street and smooth ride
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ceiling cooler fan while CDs motion
a look nice ceiling cooler fan on the dome skylight in the kitchen while CDs are moving by the air blowing
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Tamiya; RC  low rider hummer and trailer
i made a low rider hummer chassic from a tamiya cheetah and pulled a trailer with a tamiya frog..the real old chassic was a tamiya cheetah..the hummer had a jackphone hole for rechargerable battery and no need it take the hummer body off while rechargerable battery..the trailer had 4 leave springs and 4 level balance springs and 8 ball bearings on the 4 wheels
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a dying glowfly p - 3
same as part - 2
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a dying glowfly p - 2
i put a dying glow on the table and waiting for a light on
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traxxas stampede with 2X4X4
it is a first time that i did put 2X4X4 on a traxxas stampede and put on a rotary display stand
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P - 2 traxxas stampede with a camera
this is a part 2..i put a sony videocamera on the rear view of the traxxas stampede 2X4X4 and enjoying to see the video on the back road
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traxxas stampede with 3 dogs
my traxxas stampede was on the snow at the backyard porch while 3 dogs were around and barking too much...3 dogs were crazy barking over my R/C hobby models
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traxxas rustler and stampede
a rustler car is on the stampede flattop towing truck 2X4X4
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traxxas stampede with a camera
i put a sony videocamera on the front view of the traxxas stampede 2X4X4 and enjoying to see the video on the road
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R/C kyosho blizzard and 3 dogs
my R/C kyosho blizzard was on the snow at the backyard porch while 3 dogs were around and barking too much...3 dogs were crazy barking over my R/C hobby models
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Tamiya; truck F-350
this is a F-350 with 2 rear drive and leave on 3rd gear inside the transmission..a 15 bright LED lights on the top of this truck and come with 12 AAA batteries as 18 volts..my R/C is a 3 channels
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Three Traxxases
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half skateboard / half scooter
i did cut the half scooter chassic and put on a skateboard wooden on the scooter, cable brake handle, rear foot brake, and a look nice as a low rider scooter
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traxxas rustler with 3 dogs
my R/C traxxas rustler was on the snow at the backyard porch while 3 dogs were around and barking too much...3 dogs were crazy barking over my R/C hobby models
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a dying glowfly p - 1
i found a dying glowfly on the carpet under the cabinet
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traxxas stampede on show
this is a Rotary Display Stand for R/C model.. RDS come with one size D - battery and motor
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Traxxas; rustler and stampede towing truck
my son and me were playing with both traxxases good time at the frisbee park near JPL / NASA in pasadena..my son liked my rustler car is a cool
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traxxas rustler on rotary stand
a cool nice picture of a traxxas rustler on the rotary display stand and 4 rims are from IMEX and 4 anaconda tires
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traxxas stampede towing truck
first i put 2 chassics together then i did homemade a traxxas stampede towing truck for a rustler.. i got few plastic trays from the nursery garden dept at lowes store.. i put 2 trays together and 4 angel of aluminum together with small bolts and nuts.. then put on a hinge on back of the above motor
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my skateboard with 8 wheels
i put 8 wheels on my skateboard..the wheel came from a rollerskate wheel..it was so smooth riding and less noise
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a " U " - lamp
i took off the old telephone with a U - lamp and put in the black box with eight AAs / 12 volts battery powered..it is a good idea for a camp, out of power, night lovebird, and any fun pleasures
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a rustler on a stampede at the Rose Bowl
i drove my car while i used play with a R/C to stampede on the street same time at the rose bowl in pasadena..it was between 15 to 20 mph.. driver = myself R/C player = myself videocamera = with a tripod on the passenger chair..
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Tamiya; F-350 at rose bowl park
this is a tamiya F-350 model truck with 2 rear wheels and leave 3rd gear speed..no need 4X4
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MUSIC; one more time with a rainbow trance
a cool rainbow trance lights with a music motion..a rainbow trance came from the spencers store in the mall
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7 wonders of the world ; nintendo DS lite with lights / music
a nintendo DS lite is connect to the computer then go thought to the flashing color christmas lights with music same time,,, it is a 7 wonder of the world
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lightning inside cloud
at evening time, the lightning thunderstorm was inside the dark cloud in clarksville local area
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heavy hail storm in america
i was inside my SUV and parking on the right side of the freeway under the bridge in middle coast, america..i picked up my SONY and used my handycam videocamera shot on the freeway while heavy hail, rain, storm, and thunderlightning in august 2008
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nintendo DS lite on a back stand up
i put my nintendo DS lite on the back stand up for less pain my both hands and less bend my head
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