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NuStar Soft Touch Plus MEGA SETUP - Red Eye Joe's Car Wash/Top's Hamburgers, Destin, Florida
This video climbed in popularity very fast! I guess you guys like NuStar machines.. What I meant to say at 6:53 was "Dryers are... OK, Not the best." This car wash is probably the best I've been to. Not because of the wash quality, or the cheap price, but the fact that it has THREE NuStar Soft Touch Plus MACHINES. THREE. I was kind of disappointed though, because the wash quality was not great, even though we got plenty of soap and brushing. The quality of these machines is impeccable, and they have been kept in pristine condition, considering how old they are. Also, yes, this car wash has a burger restaurant on the side. Weird. Sorry for being kind of lifeless during the video, I had just woken up prior to getting the car washed. Enjoy! ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/?source=unknown P.S. Sorry also for the jump cuts toward the end, my camera decided to stop working.
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ASC E-Class EC4 Westminster Chimes - Hermann, MO (Gasconade County)
Listen to that echo at the end! After they took down the old noon whistle, they put this one up one and a half years later. The E-Class is now an every-day noon siren. They put this one up last Tuesday. Enjoy! Also, first E-Class Westminster Chime video on YouTube!
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Oddly Mounted E-Class EC4 Siren Test - Hermann, MO (Gasconade County)
Filmed on Monday 6/12/17 at 10:09 AM This siren had a weird activation for sure, but made for a great video! After the siren shuts off the first time, you can clearly hear the city' two Model 2 sirens, over a mile away! (We are in kind of a valley so everything echoes) After the second time it shuts off, you can hear the city's other E-Class shut off a little bit after the one I was at. Enjoy! P.S. Sorry for the slightly clippy audio... I got a little bit too close to the siren. On 1/11/17, the city's siren system went off at 4:48 AM for some reason. Just thought I'd share.
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Oasis Typhoon Touch-Free Automatic Car Wash - FastLane/Phillips 66 - Warrenton, MO
Make sure to join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/ I looked at this FastLane/Phillips 66 gas station on Google Earth, and it seems to have had older equipment in the bays before this Typhoon (There is an empty bay right next to the Typhoon that appeared to have something in it before the, what appears to be, upgrade). Anyway, this machine did a very good job at cleaning the car. The only thing is that the water wasn't spot free water and there was no Tri-Color foam (What was actually applied to the car was a layer of clear coat, might have caused some confusion in the video). Not having Tri-Color foam was suprising, since the wash is fairly new and the wash cycle cost about $10. This is also the second fastest car wash I have been through, lasting about four and a half minutes. However, it was beat by the 3G tunnel I went through later on, by nearly a minute and a half!
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3G/Peco Touch-Free tunnel car wash - Country Club Express Car Wash/OnTheRun, Wentzville, MO
Make sure to join my Facebook car wash grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/ This is what appears to be a 3G touch-free tunnel with PECO dryers. This wash was very expensive. The wash quality was good, but could be beat by a SoftGloss machine, in my opinion. Hope you guys enjoy!
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ASC E-Class EC4 Ambiances
Again, with the echo. Alright, so I had to film this on two separate days to get two distances. One which is 2 blocks away, and one in which it was recorded at my home, about 6 blocks away. It really sounds good at a distance, and since I live so close, I get to hear it every weekend. Hope you enjoy!
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PDQ Laserwash 4000 - The H & H Car Wash, Wentzville, MO
much enthusiasm Just your standard LW4000. Did an okay job, but didn't do any tri-foam, which was a little odd. Enjoy! ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/
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Yet Another E-Class EC4 Ambiance
Filmed from W 4th St at the top of the big hill. I am surprised I can even hear it, since the thing is so quiet.
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Federal Signal 2001-130 Siren Test - Rhineland, MO 7/4/17
Happy 4th! This siren is actually part of the Callaway Nuclear power plant's siren system, and they set them off every first Tuesday of the month at 12. At the very last minute (about 15 minutes before the test) I was reminded that the sirens were going to be tested, so I made it out there, thankfully, with a few minutes to spare! During the siren's wind down, you can faintly hear the 2001-DC in Bluffton wind down. Enjoy!
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When the Raspberry Pi works...
It works
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