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Ryko SoftGloss MAXX Car Wash at BP/FasTrip, Washington MO
This slightly older SGM system did an OK job at cleaning off the car. It is just a standard wash, and Ryko is starting to go to crap, but it still delivered OK quality, while removing that pesky bird poop off the window. Sorry for not knowing the fluids at the end of the video, I am still slightly a noob at car washes. ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/?source=unknown
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GONE FOREVER // Magic Wand NeXus Car Wash at BP/FasTrip Washington MO
Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/ ~ Please excuse the bad camerawork, but I had to tell you guys that as of 11/17/17, this NeXus machine is gone!! It is getting replaced with a D&S IQ. I know this because of the D&S dryers and the rails, which are already installed. I hope to post an update video filming the new system. --------- I told you guys I would film this one. This machine didn't do a very good job at cleaning the car though. In this machine, the pump was connected to single phase, instead of three phase, which is what the car wash pump needs. The high pressure rinse wasn't high pressure, the blue foam in the tri foam didn't work, and it didn't use spot free water. The dryers didn't work well either. It did an ok job cleaning the car, but it left bugs on the front of the vehicle, as well as the dirt on the hood. I easily brushed it off with my finger. The spraying heads spun a lot faster than the NeXus machines I have seen. I had a lot of fun filming this one. Thanks for watching!
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Got the mini siren
Ordered it wednesday
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Magic Wand NeXus - Blue Star, New Haven, MO (Outside View)
*Correcting myself in the video, the other NeXus at the BP/Fastrip was connected to single phase power, instead of three phase, but the FasTrip NeXus is currently being replaced as of 11/17/17. This one was connected to full three phase.* This NeXus is in shambles. The signage is gone, the tri-foam doesn't work ( we bought the top wash ) and the machine whined and moaned, yet it still managed to do a really good job at cleaning the car. It did even better than the one at the BP/FasTrip station! Enjoy! ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/
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AVW Tunnel at the Tiger Express Car Wash in Columbia, MO
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this is an AVW Tunnel System. Spot free rinse didn't work and left soap on the car. Filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Shoutout to this guy! Brendan WildWood NJ Hancock Dental https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhy9n_0yuw1eZtIYfhL-tA ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/
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D&S 5000 Car wash at The Baywash Car Wash, Washington, MO
Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/ ~ First 5000 system I have seen and been through. It did an excellent job, but there were some water spots on the sunroof and mirrors... left some spots on the mirror and on the sunroof. Otherwise, this wash did an excellent job cleaning the car.
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First try at a mechanical bull.
I did horrible
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Whelen WPS 4004 Siren Test
I went to try again on one of the 4004's in Washington. This time, I went to the one next to the Mercy hospital. Very loud. Hope you guys enjoy! Sorry for blurry shot, my camera doesn't get good quality shots when zoomed in :/
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Cool Hot Wheels Track
Now, dont say in the comment section " WOW! that isnt cool at all" or "this track stinks." We spent a while making this and we went through a lot of trial and error to make this. it took a while to make this track and i hope you guys enjoy it. all, and i mean ALL hate comments will be removed.
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Time-lapse of me mowing the lawn!
It's a pointless video but I made it for fun. Hope you enjoy :)
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My phone buzzed
I was testing the rear camera on my new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active when it buzzed. Lol
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Gmod LiveStream
I I am streaming using youtube, not google hangouts. i cant change it :P Im streaming on youtube
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I was playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and i decided to record this.
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