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Date Farm
Kibbutz Kalia near Dead Sea in Israel
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Sabari Eco Tourism - Rangat - Andaman
Sabari is a small gram panchayat area located near Rangat Island, Andaman. Sabari village Panchayat organizes eco-tourism activities including creek safari, accommodation, etc at reasonable rates. Here you can enjoy the marriage of Marine beauty with the evergreen terrestrial serenity.
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Watermelon Farm
Community Farming# Kibbutz Kalia...Israel....
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Dhani Nalla (Amkunj Beach)- Middle Andaman - Eco Tourism Hotsport
Aamkunj beach is located at a distance of about 08 km from Rangat towards Mayabunder and about one km. from the Nimbutala helipad. Amkunj Bay beach is another sandy beach on the way to Cutbert Bay. This beach, barely 100 mts from the main road i.e. ATR, is ideal for swimming, sun bathing, and relaxation. This beach, developed in a unique way with the help of eco-friendly structures, has a couple of eco-huts and groves named after locally found flora (casuarina, Jamun, pandanus). The eco-friendly beach facilities such as log sofas, log teapoys, indeed novel and innovative ideas, provides a perfect place for recreation to the people of Rangat and the adjoining villages. Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walk is located at a distance of 20 Km. from Rangat adjacent to ATR. It is a wooden boardwalk meandering through mangrove creek for a distance of 713 meters. It is the longest walkway of its kind in the whole country. This place Dhaninallah is named after a mangrove associate locally called as Dhanipatti. This Walkway leads to a very beautiful long beach called as Dhaninallah beach, which is known for turtle nesting.
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Bethlehem City Walking Tour
Bethlehem is a Palestinian town south of Jerusalem in the West Bank. The biblical birthplace of Jesus, it’s a major Christian pilgrimage destination. The birth is marked by an inlaid silver star in a grotto under the 6th-century Church of the Nativity, which shares Manger Square with the 15th-century Church of St. Catherine and the 1860 Mosque of Omar.
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Dead Sea ...Kalia Beach.... Israel - Jordan Border
Lowest point on Earth...
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The Red Sea from Coral World in Eilat
Majestic View of Red Sea. Eilat is also a place where visitors seem to have a great time and were children, in particular, tend to be blissfully happy. The turquoise-tinted waters of the Red Sea offer snorkelling, diving and swimming opportunities galore, and there are plenty of other attractions on offer, including an aquarium, a theme park, tax-free shopping and an array of outdoor activities showcasing the spectacular local desert scenery. Check the Album: https://www.facebook.com/satyajit.sinha3/media_set?set=a.1367424869959606.100000763170906&type=3
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Tribute to ITB 2014
Scribble Day
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Bar's Farm House
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Jesus Birth Cave
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Cairo Eagle Eye view
View of Cairo city from the Sky.
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Mediterranean surfing...Gaza Strip
Israel Trip
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Dedicated to some of my sweetest memories...!
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Gambling on the Beach
Gambling on Mediterranean Sea Beach.... Israel...
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Kalya Beach -Dead Sea- Isreal
If you truly want to experience what the Dead Sea is all about, a visit to Kalia Beach, one of the best-known beaches of the Dead Sea, is a must. Kalia Beach is located in the northern area of the Dead Sea, a beautiful, calm spot away from the more crowded hotel area at Ein Bokek. A lovely terrace built above the beach provides a gorgeous view of the turquoise waters of the Dead Sea and the surrounding golden-brown mountains.
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Palestinian Revolution
Bethlehem square .... protest against 7000 Palestinian in Israeli jail.
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